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2001-2012 (present)
If you like Inoo and Yabu, but you don't like when they're together,
just skip this entry
okei..? love, riin.

have I ever told you guys before i'm not gonna ship anyone in JUMP.. I supported their relationship but.. okay.
I don't have to tell about this much because it's September 23rd.. we have two JUMP university guy (like finally) *drumrolls*
HAPPY INOO/YABU DAY! The day these two has entered Johnny's Entertainment for an amazing eleventh years.
Keep up and still being an awesome Johnny's entertainer. Ganbatte kudasai ne my university guy(s).

I've always wanted to make this kind of entry since a long time ago but finally I made it after.. almost 3 years hiatus from JUMP.
let the massive spam pictures begin... I can't make a great caption for them, so I put most of my favorite translations beetwen them.


back to Jr. days. They were got into JE in the same day, September 23rd 2001.
I love and always missed chibi days..
2002shop yabushopjr
I met Yabu at the audition when wanted to go to the elevator. When I don’t know where to goI’m lost,
my mother said “Follow that child from behind”. That child was Yabu.
Myojo March, 2011; Hey!Say!MAP To previous YabuInoo

Inoochan past sub jr. group: J.J.Expreess front boy. for best dance moves group
Yabu past sub jr. group: Ya-Ya-Yah, for a best singer group.
idk why'd I fell in love with JJE leader in 2006..

“Friendship is all about betraying and being betrayed” Inoo Kei

2004a 2004c
"The length of a relation isn’t really relevant when it comes to friendship" Yabu Kota

2004b 2005

September 24th, 2007..
there was a big announcement from JE for a big group debut.. They got in too.
jwebPost_inoo jwebPost_yabu
2007 2007a
2007g 2008b
"When I am with Yabu, I do feel quite relaxed. When it comes to the BEST members, no matter who it is,
I don’t have to care too much, but even so, Yabu is probably special"
Duet November 2008 Inoo

2008f 2009f
"Inoo-chan is like my fiance!? Because that guy, he loves me very much.
Look, he's looking this way from afar because I'm talking now". (laugh)
Inoo Kei HSJ BOMBER; Duet Nov.2008Yabu.

2010c 2009d

clearly from far away, it's singing
it's greatly flowing away here, the coming voice..
brought our feeling all there
and now it's going to reach you..
2010gf 2010g
Lyric: Yabu Kota / Music: Inoo Kei — 音 (Voice) /thanks to (*≧▽≦)ノriii ♪~

2010b 2011 tengah
211a 2011

The award for best couple?
"Yabu and Inoo. They are always together. In fact, their relationship is really good"
Myojo May 2010Daiki

2010d 2010u
2011w 2010q
"I'm kind of afraid at Yabu~! for no reason, suddenly he turned my head round
 and messed my hair. You do that because you like me? (laughs)"
JUMP Twitter Message; Popolo 2011Inoo

PFFTinoo pffftt yabuuu
2012 2012c
To Inoo: I want you to stay just the way you are now.
Because amongst the members, there are many things that I can't talk about with anyone else but Inoo-chan.
Hey! Say! JUMP Calendar 2012.04 ~ 2013.03 Homework to members (Yabu)

~ つなぐ手と手 ~
gyutto tewo hanasanai pffft 11-12

Fluffy (fuwa) man. "When we hold hands, he has a very weak grip.
I still don't know everything of his power yet...he speaks slowly like a long wavelength"
Myojo September, 2011, Inoo Kei is..Yabu
2011f 2012ff

"Seems like he’s enjoying his campus life quite a lot because he spends less time with me! Don’t forget about me~!"
2011 yaoii 2010dd
Q4. If you have 3 days to changes place with other members, who’s that member?
"Maybe Inoo Kei. I want to become university’s student."
TVFAN May 2010Yabu


beach breeze..
2005a 2005h
2011a 2011-12
"It's almost 10 years already being together with Inoo. When was Jr. we are going to the amusement park together.
Our age is same, feeling suit. It’s quite a lot things that can only said with Inoochan"
Myojo March, 2011; Hey!Say!MAP To previous InooYabu

*suddenly my inner shipper pops out....* orz

from various small corner on magazines.. etc (*≧▽≦)ノ♪

2lnu0bb fbf2n5 whore23sbj7 wu0wi1
  gngghdfg 2w21ljc 25rc7mf
yabuinoopervpfft puripurincess p0rn manga..?
from cute childish act.. to dorky pervy. long lasting friendship effect, huh? they're whore~~~ xP

yabu-whore-awhore47f56d7bc856 reytrytrytry jjang458716
   original wuie789dg ffdd
their pic from back = gaaayy <3

me and my partner in crime tried to learn about the left picture. suspicious lol
the caption about, what do you think. who's the bride and the man? *coughs*
so it's official they were married, YAY. /jumps off from the cliff/

~ CAPTURES ~ (no gif ^^)
pardon with my thought ;u;

old scraps 2008 scraps from old LJ 2008
LMAO I found this on my 2008 entry and unfortunately, i lost the data D:

[TV] 2010.07.10 Ousama no Brunch
the right pic: excuse me... It was okay when Yabu want to hi5 with Inoo then suddenly.... how obvious ne orz.

JUMParty [2011-2012] 01-25-35]
the love when they grabbed each other *headwall*

SUPER DELICATE PV Making[(028490)01-54-55] [sub] Hey!Say!JUMP - SUPER DELICATE PV Making[(030485)21-48-26]
Super Delicate making.....

ohh you secret admirer~~

rrrruuaaaagghhhh. I need to stop it here before everyone slap me.
once again, Happy 11th Inoo/Yabu day :D *btw hika still love you guys www*

comment are love or.. spam me back <3 - riin.
credits: [ profile] papercranes_shi, [ profile] inoovirus, [ profile] kenken18, [ profile] kawaiinopink, [ profile] icecrusher_i_b, [ profile] chuushite, [ profile] pastelcupcake
picture credits: most of them from my old harddisk (old scans yo), google images, facebook, weibo, [ profile] tomo_roses, [ profile] aznongaku, [ profile] hey_say

Date: 2012-09-25 12:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
very beautifully complied post!! may i link back here from my journal and twitter?

Date: 2012-09-25 02:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
wondering where did you find my entry hehe ^^
thanks! hiatus almost for 3 years made me missed everything.

ah, of course. with pleasure~
just tell me back :3

Date: 2012-10-19 02:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Uwaah! I like this~

I want to be friends with Inoo's fans here~


Date: 2012-10-19 02:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank you ((>u< )
need to handle my heart while doing this entry lol

Date: 2013-06-27 07:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hello, I come here >.<

I love this post >///< it's just like the scrapbook Yabu made, a compilation of photos >.<
My fave part is the secret admire part aaaa didn't notice it before

Date: 2013-06-27 08:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
with this entry also made me become a steady yabu-inoo shipper pfft. collecting they're articles just realized, ok. inoo kei is just not inoo kei in yabu's eyes

he's glared so obviously! *snort*

thank you for coming btw XD
Edited Date: 2013-06-27 08:51 am (UTC)

Date: 2013-06-27 05:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Inoo Kei is soon-to-be wife in Yabu's eyes, right? XDD

after seeing this post I rewatch the video again and... yabu bener2 ngeliatin dengan intens!!! dan mereka sebelumnya sempet liat2an gitu bentar!!! eh lebih tepatnya yabu liatin inoo, trus giliran inoo liat yabu, yabu buang muka, begitu jg sebaliknya XDD
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Date: 2013-07-04 12:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
beda yah sm frontman.. kl doi segala momen pasti masuk :''''' *ngiri*

iya gak sih? kok aku ngerasanya gitu ya? ato krn aku terlalu males sm mereka trus ya kerasa banyak aja git? hahahahaha maap yak yabuhika~ kalo yabunoohika baru aku terima dg lapang dada
iyah iyah!!! tapi aku senengnya kalo inoo yg di tgh.. aku gak rela yabuhika sampingan trus pegang2an tangan... *tetep dendam* haha
tapi kl aku liat2 pas mereka jaman junior emg lbh keliatan hikanoo dibandingkan inoobu (ini sih kl sepengelihatanku dr video2 jaman jrs yg sangat saaangat terbtas fufu)

makanya inoo demen gitu kan fufufu :> dan hika juga... x_x

Date: 2013-07-04 03:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
masa inoo harus jd pendek dulu biar jd frontman? /eh

ybhk emg kebanyakan kok. dan kebeneran dulu pas yayayah gw ga demen bgt sm mereka. dan ternyata abis debut jg masih diperlakukan sama cih.
kecewa aja sih sm YYJUMP.. jelas" jump tp berakhir dgn acr ybhk lagi. owatta, tu acara ud ga tayang. tp.... kenapa pas BEST comeback stage acaranya lgsung dibehentiin? BEST skrg pengangguran lagi dooong. chance buat inoo di tipi making jarang kecuali dy diundang lagi jadi guest bangumi "pinter" ;^; /fans nelangsa kekurangan asupan idol/

intinya.. semua gara" yabu TITIK XD

Date: 2013-07-05 06:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
mungkin inoobu harus jadi duo chibi jg gitu~ :>

siapa tau mereka lg nyiapin acara khusus best gitu kaaan *fans kelewat naif :''' tapi semoga aja deh ya plis plis plissss kasian inoo makin gak muncul2 ;_; dan kasian kami.............

Date: 2013-07-20 02:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Nice nice!! Dragged to Inoobu world! >////

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