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comment to be added back, tell me who you are. don't be a stranger.
indonesian - twenty something - fujoshi - major inookei - fangirllustrator - engrish


hey, i'm feriin o riin. also known a nantokaa s my trademark for design and art. I'm not new here.
has spent her entire life as a fangirl over guys love; art, design, japanese-korean culture bias.
hei-sei 2, so very glad in the same year with BEST (except daichan), same zodiac with Yabu an yokatta e still 10 days older than me.
I'm a BEST bias and I was a kpoppers but not anymore.

eople said my engrish is funny.. hope you don't mind reading my fail engrish.

  • major fandom: for now L'Arc~en~Ciel, Hey! Say! JUMP, glee.

  • other interest: yaoi, graphic design, art, craft, japanese and korean pop music, fanart, JUMPfic, procratsinating.

  • otps : haitsu, klaine and JUMPship(hikanoobu + any BEST pairing + inoojima, okajima)

  • japan-korean musics I do listen to: BRIGHT, flumpool, weaver, hemenway, BENI, CNBLUE, 박효신, 2AM

i do make art. massive picspam, gif - most of the are posted on tumblr - fanart also on pixiv

a little story about me & JUMP fandom

I (was) almost quit as a JUMPer back in 2009. When Johnny-san announce about NYC and yamachan popularity has grown up among the other members. I was irritated because m ichiban Inoochan) were going to university, so that's mean that'll be lack of him everywhere. And why does JUMP debut and supposed to be... I don't care, my heart still have a little space for them.
Also got busy with university stuffs and there's no friend who'd like JE too. I felt lonely lmao. Being an art visual communication design is kinda hard at that time and I took to break up with JUMP and the whole JE for a while or maybe will not going back to these fandom anymore.
I didn't expected that I can forget them for almost 3 years. Followed up their single and PV but just with a plain feelings. Without any news update, their life. I just knew Ryutaro suspension around January 2012 and okay.. i'm not surprised tho. I thought my love feel for JUMP already ended. Paralyzed over korean fandom and such things. But my love with korea isn't bigger like i love japan.

2012 is my last year and everything going hectic with a bunch of overseas artists come to Indonesia especially L'Arc~en~Ciel (Laruku) were my main japanese fandom after all. Knowing JUMP have their ASIA FIRST TOUR didn't make sense for me.
Until my very best friend already back flailing like crazy over Takaki, and she supplied me with a bunch of JUMP videos that we never update in almost 3 years. Thanks to her. I felt like got a hard slap on my face and realized, I stil love them, very much.  No matter who's the recent front man, no matter Inoochan gets busier with his university and follow by Yabu, no matter among all BEST member Inoochan activity still the same like the last in 2009 I left him, still a beautiful man who got concern with his architecture major without any dorama role or got a fair portion in front of the camera. The reason why I can't leave him as m ichiban. obviously inoo kei fangirl since 2006.

Being a JUMPer since their debut, and knowing them well since Jr. era around 2006 caught me in a pleasure feels as a fangirl.
now I'm officially graduated from uni and inoo, tadaima. August 02, 2012.

dear art theft; don't you dare to steal the fanarts on my unlocked entries, thank you.

◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇ | tumblr | anipan (mostly fanarts)

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Date: 2013-01-28 05:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hi keii. thank you for dropped by :D
and what did made you think about me like that? i'm just an ordinary who'd lazy to update bc of work.
i hope you wouldn't be disappointed bc of adding me :D/

of course we can be friends if we could chat more often ^^

i love your icon btw ♥
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